I have been sewing, knitting and crafting all my life – for over 50 years,
Recently I have been seriously considering the Great Stash up in the loft. There is Too Much there. In ten years, I am hoping to retire to a little bungalow in the country – and I can’t take it with me when I go!
…and even if I were to spend the next 10 years sewing and crafting, I do not think I could
use up all my hoard by 2021.
So I am planning – reluctantly – to sell some of my treasures.
I’ve sorted out the materials, and set up a PayPal account.

If you are keen on sewing, and other crafts, you may find something here of

Keep watching, as I shall be adding things as the days go by [and the nights
grow longer! ]  Email me for further information   ang@revbob.org

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