IM003274I have been sewing, knitting and crafting all my life- over 50 years. And collecting materials dating back to before WW2.recently I’ve been seriously considering the Great Stash up in the loft. There is Far Too Much there. In ten years, I am hoping to retire to a little bungalow in the country – and I can’t take it with me when I go! and even if I were to spend the next 10 years sewing and crafting, I do not think I could use up all my hoard by 2021.



paypalSo I am planning to sell some of my treasures.
I’ve sorted out the materials, and set up a PayPal account.

If you are keen on sewing, and other crafts, you may find something here of interest.

Keep watching, as I shall be adding things as the days go by [and the nights grow longer!]

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  1. Anne Belley says:

    You are courageous! It is difficult to part with our supplies! And… If that is how your attic looks, I am impressed! My children dread it when I say,”I need someone to go up in the attic to look for….!” And the basement! We sure do collect an awful lot as crafters, don’t we? We have resolved to use up all the lovely new material to sell the finished garments in my daughter’s etsy shop, and to use up all the craft kits still lingering about, half-used. Many of the younger children have not had the pleasure of candle-dipping, soap making, pom-pom animals, etc. I do like your idea of putting little kits together to sell!

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